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Soil and the City, Episode 3: Sorry Soil, It’s Not You, It’s Us – The Break Up

by Amy Bell, PLA, ASLA, ISA Certified Arborist FBT Architects Landscape Architect

This six-part blog series investigates the reasons why we have fallen out of love with soil (or at the very least taken it for granted) and how we can rekindle that relationship through an amended approach to the design and construction of our everyday places.

Soil and the City, Episode 3: Sorry Soil, It's Not You, It's Us – The Break Up

Dear Soil,

We're just not that into you. Can we still be friends?

It's clear we've hit a rocky part of this well traveled road. We've dredged up our history, sifted through the emotional baggage and clearly we just keep pushing soil away. At best, we take it for granted and at worst, we actively engage in its destruction.

Relationships are complicated and sometimes we do and say things we regret. Is soil just too hard to understand?

Not really. Let's be honest – it's us.

Digging through our relationship story we see that ages ago we had to understand soil because we needed it to survive.

As time progressed we invented mechanized processes to make life easier and support larger populations. The Industrial Revolution created the worldview that our reality consists of parts that can be dissected, reconstructed and understood in isolation of each other. This thinking supports materialism, reductionism and ultimately fragmentation: a rift in our connection to environments and each other.

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Community Forest Health Management Plan (CFHMP)- Public Trees - March 15, 2016 - Tuesday, 5-7 PM


Welcome- Thank you! A few Taos Tree Board members assisted in the public meeting presentation. A thank you to all the tree board members for their team efforts and support of this proposed tree management plan. General public comments appreciate the efforts to draft a community-based tree management plan that addresses our trees now and for our future.

Trees and People- A community-based tree management plan that will Improve, protect and grow our trees throughout the Taos Area. CFHMP addresses the health of our community trees through a living document that adjusts to changes. Adaptive Management planning processes evaluating what works and managing strategies for what isn't working.

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