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Well placed trees can become energy savers

Source:  ALBUQUERUQE (KRQE) – Planting trees at home or business has many beneficial reasons.

The Albuquerque Parks and Recreation Department joined the KRQE This Morning team to discuss some of the important aspects as to why planting trees is so important to the community.

Other than beauty, trees have proven to help reduce cooling costs in homes and offices. If trees are planted in perfects spots it can become quite the energy saver.

According to Joran Viers, the City Forester for the Parks and Recreation Department, studies have provent hat not only do trees create a safer environment by preventing crime when lined in neighborhoods, those living there have better health. Trees also prove to raise property values.

Looking to plant a tree? Viers said, “It’s not hard to plant, but there are a few things to keep in mind.”

First, don’t plant too deep. Dig shallow enough to only cover the tree bulb with loose soil. Soil does not need to be rich, just loose.

Also, make a broad hole. This will allow for roots to grow and to colonize. Be aware that roots roots can become an issue if planted too close to the house. Viers suggests at least 10 feet away.

City Trees - SMA Roundtable Bees in Municipal Trees & Parks

City Trees May June 2015 2015 05 18 13 12 21a
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City Trees - May/June 2015 Issue

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