An Urban Tree Care Conference
January 17th & 18th, 2019

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Trees that have stood the test of time and show some battle scars, dead branches, and other signs of aging are often referred to as veterans. On a once-beautiful tree, these signs might suggest a 'mortality spiral' to tree owners, and to arborists. 'Death with dignity' may seem simpler than dealing with maintenance and liability concerns, but with proper standards to follow, veteran tree care methods are straightforward and defendable.

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Coming in October - the ISA Rocky Mountain Chapter annual conference: "Trees 2.0 – Innovation in Arboriculture"

The conference will focus on...
  • Co-TreeView - Colorado's Online Urban Tree Inventory Application
  • Drones for Tree Care: A new tool in your tool belt
  • Evolution and Innovation in tree climbing equipment
  • Tree Climbing Through History
  • sUAV's and Trees: How aerial digital solutions will change tree management
  • How to Bee come a Bee friendly Tree Care Provider
  • The Art of Identifying, Removing and Relocating Honey Bee Hives from Trees

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