Sponsorships & Exhibitors

Think Trees New Mexico is pleased to announce we will present our second virtual event in 2021. Urban Forest Health: From the Soil to the Sky is designed to bring new and pertinent information to advance your understanding and professionalism in the everyday work you perform to enhance the urban landscape.

Nationally and regional speakers, including Ed Gilman and Brian Kane, will share current insights regarding soils, herbicides, arriving at a consensus on irrigation practices, tree selection, nursery standards, and pruning mature trees to reduce failure.

Our virtual conference offers live streaming video, and chatrooms for attendees to visit as well as ask questions. All sessions will be recorded and CEUs made available.

Sponsors and exhibitors will be able to input logos, load videos, create a virtual booth, answer questions, and offer live chat. Sponsors receive one extra perk. Their logo will be placed on the banner located on the conference homepage.

Some of you may want simple recognition of your support on our website. The choice is up to you. Think Trees will be there to assist you.

The sponsor fee for this event is $250. The exhibitor fee is $150. Fees can be paid by credit card. Sponsors or exhibitors wishing to contribute more may do so by going to the Think Trees NM website and clicking the DONATE button. Each sponsor and exhibitor will receive up to two free registrations.

Think Trees will be offering sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities for the 2021 conference. They are as follows:

  • Sponsor--$250.00
  • Exhibitors--$150.00

Sponsor & Exhibitor Endorsement Statement

The Think Trees board of directors wants to express our appreciation to our sponsors and exhibitors for their support. Their support helps keep the registration fees low while providing us the opportunity to present a quality program.  Please note that becoming a sponsor or exhibitor does not indicate the board's endorsement of products or companies represented.  We wish to express our appreciation to our sponsors and exhibitors for supporting the Think Trees Conference.